Odiham And Greywell Cricket Club

by otmg on Wednesday 21st February

Odiham And Greywell Cricket ClubThe Odiham & Greywell Cricket Club is open to Members from Monday to Saturday 4pm to 8pm and Sundays 12pm to 6pm although the club stays open later during the Cricket Season which starts in April.

We can also cater for special occasions such as Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, Engagement Parties etc.

For a Membership or Hire of Pitch/Clubhouse Forms please drop in between these times.

STOPS petition presented to the Parish Council

by simon quarrell on Wednesday 10th January

I hear that the Stop The Odiham Parking Scheme petition was presented to the Parish Council at their meeting on Monday.

Incredibly, over 800 people have signed this petition in a very short time. This number includes over 70% of residents living in the central zone who will be hit by taxes and restrictions, over 300 retail and business owners, staff and customers, and 300 living just outside the zone but fear being overwhelmed with more people trying to park outside their houses.

With this level of response, I can't see any reason the Parish Council can possibly have for continuing with this scheme rejected by the community - unless their real plan is simply to raise more revenue through taxes using permits, fines and parking charges!

Personally, I congratulate John Fletcher, Gordon Wrenn and Brian Fleming for their hard work on STOPS - and hope that it stops the PC wasting more of people's time and public money on this. There are real solutions out there!

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DTI report confirms Odiham as a major centre for business

by simon quarrell on Tuesday 5th December

A DTI SBS agency report was recently published in October confirming that the parish of Odiham has almost twice as many businesses per resident as the national average - and one of the strongest results outside central London.

There are over 200 businesses in Odiham parish generating over 2,000 jobs. If we add in RAF Odiham (never mind the schools, hospital etc etc), there are many more adults employed in Odiham than actually live here. We are certainly not a 'dormitory village!'

Less than a quarter of the businesses are made up of retail and hospitality companies. We also have oil & gas companies, pharmaceutical and logistics companies, property & financial companies, agricultural amd engineering companies, etc. But the largest grouping is in sales & marketing and technology - strong and growing sectors.

Local businesses have always been an integral part of the parish community - however far back in history you can go - and it is important for all of us that this balance is maintained.

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Village Design Statement coming to the library for consultation

by simon quarrell on Monday 13th November

The draft Village Design Statement will be in the library for you to see and comment on during December.

The aim of the VDS is for people who live here to provide a guide to the features of local building design that they most value. The guidance is designed to help householders, builders, architects, property developers, Hart planning officers and others involved in new building work and alterations to appreciate what makes the parish attractive and special.

The project is co-ordinated by a core group of volunteers from the local community (led by Hugh Sheppard) - so this consultation is very different from recent local council ones because your views are important and will be taken account of.

More details shortly.

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