Cinema Night At The Cross Barn. This Months Film is 'The Painted Veil' (Rated 15)

23rd Nov 2007

The Painted Veil (15) starring Naomi Watts, Edward Norton

Naomi Watts steps into the shoes of Greta Garbo in this re-make of the 1934 classic, based on a Somerset Maughan novel.

Kitty (Naomi Watts) is an extremely pretty, vivacious, upper-class English girl in the 1920’s who has somehow failed in her one job in life - to secure a suitable husband. In danger of being left on the shelf, and forced to endure a lifetime of spinsterhood trapped in a house with her battleaxe of a mother, Kitty rashly accepts a proposal from Walter Fane (Edward Norton), a young middle-class doctor.

Walter is on leave from his post in Shanghai, and he and Kitty return there after their marriage, where Kitty begins to realise how little they have in common. She, typical of her class and education, lives for parties and entertainment, whereas Walter is a quiet, serious man, dedicated to his work as a bacteriologist. Nevertheless, in the hope of pleasing his young wife, Walter takes her out into the world of British colonial society, where they meet the English Vice-Consul Charles Townsend and his wife.

Kitty and Charles embark on a affair and when Walter finds out he presents her with an ultimatum; he has taken a job in a remote village in an area ravaged by cholera, and he forces Kitty to accompany him.
This powerful, subtle film, beautifully performed and directed, traces the compelling, emotional journey as both characters grow up and forgive each other.