National Doodle Day 2008

by otmg on Saturday 20th October

National Doodle Day 2008

Friday March 7th 2008.

Do you have children? Or Grandchildren?

Are you a teacher? Or do you know anyone who is a teacher?

Do you work? Or do you know anyone that works?

Do you know anyone in a retirement home? Or are you in a retirement home yourself?

Why the questions?

In order to raise a great deal of money for Neurofibromatosis, we want as many schools and businesses to take part in National Doodle Day as possible. Encouraging schools and businesses to take part will not only raise money, it will also raise awareness of NF.

Ideally, we would like everyone to enlist at least one school, business, retirement home – or any other group you can think of – to take part in National Doodle Day but, of course, we understand that for some, this is difficult. So if you are not in a position to recruit yourself, perhaps you have a friend… it’s not what you know, it’s who you know that could help!

We will be contacting all schools through the local LEAs; we will also be sending out flyers to all schools in a mailing but there is nothing like the personal touch to get people enthusiastic. In fact, the primary school winner this year took part because their administrator has a daughter who has NF!

So please, everyone, do your best. Schools and businesses that have taken part have really enjoyed it and many take part year after year. Most Schools and businesses have an internal competition before sending on their doodles to be judged.

So even if you, yourself, do not doodle, there are hundreds out there who do – and enjoy it. Let’s just encourage them to raise money while they draw.

Go to the website to find out more:

It’s all there!