Make Odiham Beautiful (MOB)

by otmg on Wednesday 22nd August

Make Odiham Beautiful (MOB).

Odiham is a wonderful place to live. But it is never going to win any “Best Kept Village Competition” – or even qualify for entry. Does this matter? We think that it does – and so do many others (including overseas visitors). What do you think?

The Problem. – some examples:

Planted areas in Palace Gate & Deer Park View down to Medical Centre/Car Park, once well done & attractive, are now overgrown and & choked with weeds.

Many buildings, private and commercial, sprout weeds.

Pathways are often overgrown.

Rubbish is carelessly discarded, even near litter bins!

Graffiti never removed. One example in Stoney Alley there for 2 years.

Garden waste is often dumped outside the walls of the Almshouses.

The Churchyard is at the heart of the village & might benefit from some extra care while appreciating that part of it has been allowed to overgrow as a biodiversity experiment. Ivy over gravestones, nettles flourishing, etc. More regular churchyard working parties & rubbish burning?

The Bury refurbishment has been going on for over a year & is still not finished.

Hart District Council (HDC), it is reported, are short of funds & areas which were maintained say 4 times per year are now done only twice or even once a year.

Much HDC maintenance is now done on an emergency/respond to loudest complaints basis.

These are but a few examples. You may have some of your own that you wish to share.

The Solution?

Define & communicate who is responsible for what, HDC/Parish Council/etc.

f the Parish Council judge this a problem then appoint a focal point & communicate what action is being taken.

Investigate if some of the responsibilities (and money) can be transferred from District to Parish Council (Fleet is too far away!).

If individuals have concerns, then tell the councils & councillors.

Define and communicate what businesses and householders can reasonably be expected to do.

Promote a sense of pride in our community and town, perhaps a MOB Campaign (Make Odiham Beautiful).

Communications via parish web site/e-mail/notice boards/shop windows/etc.

We are copying this note to various councillors, council officials, the Odiham Society. We suggest that other residents share their concerns in the same way; and perhaps copy this note to others. If everyone is happy with the situation we shall keep quiet (maybe).

Brian and Jackie Sinnatt,
Queensmead, 140, High Street, Odiham.


The co-op - that has to be the ugliest, smelliest and most useless supermarket in the entire country.

I vote we either force co-op to fix it, or chase them out of town. The produce is sub-standard, the floors are filthy, the freezers are falling apart and there's often a terrible smell.

About the only good thing are some of the staff there, they at least are friendly and just like us, deserve a better local supermarket!

Aside from that, I don't mind a few weeds here and there - after all, it's nature, but I'd agree the Bury resurfacing has become a bad joke.

For goodness sake, get rid of the stupid grit and put tarmac back down again.

The grit was a bad idea in the first place.

How on earth is it even remotely maintainable?
What happens when the surface needs to be dug up for maintenance?


We really are very lucky to have a peaceful and attractive town, so aside from my observations, I don't really see much of a problem - it's a beautiful town anyway, lets not make it too twee, please?

K thanx.

Submitted by matthew on Thu, 2007-08-23 19:39.

So nicely put, Odiham once had an International Stores and several private grocers too, three butchers and a fishmonger,2 gents hairdressers a drapers and so on. Alas we live in different times.

The Bury which surely has become the biggest faux pas ever for HCC is a total disgrace.

5 years ago funds became available to spend on a run down part of Odiham, Terrys Alley was a very obvious choice, uneven terrain, and many of the older folk breaking ankles. And so it came to pass that funds to the value of some £230,000 were put aside to beautify this area of Odiham.

Sadly this project became slightly distorted in as much that HCC felt that the majority of this funding should be spent on The Bury and as you will notice Terrys Alley remains largely untouched.

The remaining funds from the Terrys Alley project were to enhance The Bury and remove traces of old projects, in readiness to hold up to 5 events as indeed The Bury used to do.

I am not holding my breath.

Submitted by Peter Fountain on Thu, 2007-08-23 20:36.

Brian and Jackie Sinnatt,
140, High Street,
Odiham RG29 1LT.

We totally agree with you that Odiham is a beatiful town; it is one of the reasons that we came to live here. And twee we do not want, but, fear not, we see little danger of that in the foreseeable future!

However, we walk the village and surrounds wth our dogs and see much scope for sensible improvements. For example have you seen the what Hart District Council contractors have done in recent days in Palace Gate and Deer Park View (long overdue but funds apparently short).

We largely share your views on the Coop (we live opposite)and while we agree that weeds are a part of nature there are places where they are best uprooted!

All best wishes, Brian and Jackie Sinnatt.

Submitted by Brian Sinnatt on Fri, 2007-08-24 17:26.