Talk To Someone About Doorstep Crime

by otmg on Wednesday 27th June

Being ripped off in your own home by rogue traders or distraction burglars is a very emotional experience. Not surprisingly, many people who are victims, don’t tell anyone. They are embarrassed that the nice young man who they asked in for tea was a crook and they don’t want to report the crime to the police or let the family know what has happened, which is why so many victims stay silent.

Keeping quiet contributes to the wall of silence which protects criminals and allows them to come back for more. They talk to each other about easy targets, soft touches are sold on. Their intelligence network is very good. But if crime goes unreported, it is impossible to detect.

Crimestoppers is working with Hampshire Constabulary and Trading Standards to offer victims and the community at large a way of passing on information about criminals and crime quickly, fully protected by the anonymity which is the charity’s absolute guarantee.

“We are launching our Doorstep Crime campaign in association with Age Concern Hampshire, Hampshire Fire & rescue and Neighbourhood Watch,” says Simon Theobalds who is the project co-ordinator for Hampshire. “The campaign is actively supported by McCarthy & Stone and Hampshire County Council. It is designed to make people less trusting and to assure any potential callers who have any information about doorstep criminals that it is safe to talk. No one will know you phoned.”

For further information contact –

Simon Theobalds 07899 911579