Urgent! Urgent! Refurbishment of The Bury - the Parish Council needs your views

by simon quarrell on Thursday 17th May

Hampshire County Council have said they are now completing the works and the contractors are on-site until next Friday - but they have only mentionned the re-surfacing!

Other things are still missing from the plan - for example the light in Terry's Alley - and these need to be addressed while the contractors are here.

So, if you know of any other missing or uncompleted pieces of work, please let the Parish Council clerk know as soon as possible - so she can do what she can for us!

The routes for information are:
- add a comment to this blog
- respond to the Parish Council note that Bury residents will receive in the next few days
- drop a note in the Parish Council room letterbox in The Bury
- or go to the Parish Council website forum and add your views.