by Peter Fountain on Sunday 26th November

The Odiham Extravaganza takes place this Thursday the 30th of November and commences at 6.30 p.m. and runs until 9.30 p.m. The road closure extends from Broad Oak roundabout to Western Cross ( Alton road junction ) and the official diversion is the bypass.
Local traffic for London road will enter from Broad Oak roundabout and for the Bury and King street please enter from Western Cross. King street from High street to the second turning by Threeways to the Bury will be closed to through traffic and residents will park as normal. Church street and High street from Church street to almost the War Memorial must also be bereft of cars from 4 p.m. until 10.30 p.m. police cones will clearly mark the event area. We rely heavily on community cooperation and thank you for your assistance in making this event workable.
Should you have concerns please contact Peter Fountain at [email protected] or 01256 702128 or 07973 933832.
For those residents living within the inner event area who might arrive home late please talk to a steward on the evening and you will be walked through. At all times safety and the wellbeing of all is paramount.


Brian and Jackie Sinnatt,
140, High Street,
Odiham RG29 1LT.

Congratulations, Peter, and to all your team on what seemed to us to be a succesful Extravaganza. There seemed to be more people and stalls than last year with more shops open. The rain held off and the fireworks were a triumph! Let us hope that it was a commercial succes for all the participants. Well done everyone. Brian and Jackie Sinnatt.

Submitted by Brian Sinnatt on Fri, 2006-12-01 20:44.

Brian and Jackie,
Thank you for your comments, as always positive.
For the first time I can report that I have not received any negatives and the feedback has been good. However from a traffic management point of view we now need to seriously look at what happens around Odiham on the night of this event, basically chaos ( rush hour ). I need to invest in more signage and advance warnings. The stewards on the peripheral take a huge amount of flack and some of it is totally uncalled for and frankly abusive. We supply the correct signage as required by the Highways Authority but I think we need to go further next year. My own opinion is that Odiham has every right to have a party once a year and as long as we continue our responsible approach to hell with individuals who believe that they have a given right to drive as the crow may fly.
Typical driver comments as follows:

Do the Police know that you have closed the road ?
I have a dental appointment ( justified but abused by many )
I need to pick up my vacuum cleaner from the Mall.
I'm staying with a friend, where ?, I'll know when I get in to the Village.
I must get home.
And so it goes on, this is what holds the traffic up because every other car wants to talk or give abuse to a steward. Sad but true. I am
very indebted to the RAF and Odiham volunteer stewards for all their patience, our local beat bobby, Hans Taylor and our very own special bobby Iain Tunstall for their assistance as usual at this event. Without this team our events would not be possible.
The Fire Brigade, our very own retained team who turn up year on year to support the event have a more serious message this year. THEY NEED MEN URGENTLY, so if you know someone who might fit the bill contact Mick Paul 01256 703317 as a matter of urgency. Our retained firemen are essential to this community. Think for a moment of the consequences of NOT having them..........something we all take totally forgranted.

Submitted by Peter Fountain on Sun, 2006-12-03 20:41.