Hook Eagle Morris Men Celebrate St. George's Day (Sunday 23rd April)

by otmg on Friday 21st April

More than 100, lithe, acrobatic, sprightly, youthful, sober Morris Dancers from the wilds of Hampshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire will be touring the historic town of Odiham to celebrate our Patron Saint's Day with English Traditional Dancing. Come along to Odiham for the day and celebrate St Georges's Day traditionally.

Times And Places

12.30 - Massed dance at The Bell, in The Bury

14.30 - Dancing at The Waterwitch Pub and George Hotel

15.30 - Return to The Bell for final massed dancing and music

Featuring; Hook Eagle Morris Men, Alton Morris, Fleet Morris, Basingclog, Jackstraws, Berkshire Bedlam, Rockhoppers, Hampshire Garland and Shinfield Shambles

Come along, join the spectacle and make the day special.

Hook Eagle Morris Men Bagman: John Ellis - 37 Ramsdell Road, Fleet, GU51 1DD. Tel 01252 6422444

Email - [email protected]

Website - www.hookeagle.org.uk


I can't claim to be a great fan of Morris dancers - but it was great to see them and their supporters in the village on St George's Day. It was also great to see the flags, special window displays in the Hospital Shop, Newlyns etc etc - and the flags, which I presume were also for the Queen's birthday?

I'd prefer to see English flags on St George's Day (and why not Welsh flags on St David's?) - but the principle of creating interest and events has got to be right, hasn't it?

Submitted by simon quarrell on Fri, 2006-04-28 12:52.

Let Odiham lead the nation away from "Cool Britannia" back to "Rule Britannia". It was great to see that at least our lovely village still
has some national pride.

The flags do not put themselves up, so thanks to the gang who did the work.

For those that missed it, the "reasons why" were: 400 hundredth birthday of the Union Flag, Saint George's Day (which used to be celebrated with Church Parades), and most important of all Her
Majesty's eightieth birthday.

Roger Jones

Submitted by otmg on Thu, 2006-06-22 13:16.