Beware – Phone Scam in Odiham


It has come to my attention that there is a company purporting to be working ‘for’ or ‘with’ Microsoft who are calling residents in different areas around the County, telling homeowners that they have a virus or problem with their computer and they are ringing to fix it.

They use various different guises and on the phonecall that I personally received they said that I had completed a form during a survey to say I had problems with my computer and that they were doing a follow up call – I FILLED OUT NO SUCH FORM, COMPLETED NO SUCH SURVEY. I told the man on the end of the line that he had obviously bought my telephone number from some unscrupulous company, told him not to call me again and that I would be reporting him to the Police and to Trading Standards, strangely enough he hung up after that! I would not advise anyone getting into full conversations with these callers as I did unless you are happy to do so, simply say no thanks and hang up.

These callers can be convincing so do not enage in conversation and do not automatically believe that your partner or a member of your household has called them and forgotten to tell you.

My advice to all residents if they receive this type of call is the following:

  • DO NOT give personal details to anyone over the phone
  • DO NOT give any computer information to these callers
  • DO NOT make any payment to these callers
  • DO NOT be afraid to hang up the phone

As an aside – If you feel there is a problem with your computer or IT equipment – always check with your household to see if a) they have already dealt with it, b) ensure that you use a reputable company to sort any problems out, c) check different reputable companies on pricing to see how much it will cost you to have any real problems fixed.


Sue Gibson
Force Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator
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Public Services
Hampshire Constabulary
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CRIMESTOPPERS: 0800 555111